“Woman – complicated, strong, sexy, cunning and provocative.
These words and many more describe what is beautiful to me about a woman. Paula Thomas defines a woman. She has been my dear friend for more than 20 years. I am honored to write this foreword as a tribute to Paula and all the great women in my life.

As a filmmaker I have always portrayed the women in my films as strong, beautiful, independent and confident characters. When Paula first showed me the rough edit of the book I thought she had achieved just that with ten very different women. I then came to realise the images are comprised of the same woman, which made the book even more complex, original and individual.

TEN TIMES ROSIE is a true tribute to the artistry of all involved. I feel the images will stand the test of time. Rosie Huntington – Whiteley holds a magic seen in few. I believe her time is now and she seizes it with all her might – she has a quiet strength that compliments her stunning beauty. ” – Tony Scott –

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